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  • Hamble River SC Wednesday Night B Series Race 5

    15 Aug 2014
    The Aftermath of Perigee Lunar Hamble River Sailing Club Wednesday night series continued last night after the Cowes Week Pursuit race last week. The stunning perigee lunar of last Sunday has left a legacy with exceptional spring tides and the water was ebbing with impressive speed as RO Jamie Wilkinson set up near Bald Head. The NW wind running parallel to the shore limited the marks available so the decision was taken the send the ...more
  • Hamble River SC Wednesday Night B Series Race 4

    30 Jul 2014
    Hamble River Sailing Club Wednesday night series continued last night after cancellation last week due to lack of wind. RO Jamie Wilkinson set up near Bald Head for the SW 10 knot breeze with a beat to Mark for all classes. Unfortunately the wind veered round and appeared to settle minutes before the first start to a NW. The committee boat team did a commendable job upping anchor to relay the start line, reset the ...more
  • Hamble Community Sports College Regatta

    17 Jul 2014
    Thursday 17th July saw the Hamble Community Sports College Regatta at HRSC. Students from HCSC have been coming to the sailing club for six years now to gain their RYA Stage awards, supported by the Flagstaff Trust.  This years student groups’ skills were put to the test in the first ever regatta, sailed in front of the club and supported by parents, teachers and school governors. Race Officer Chris Hamel set a windward/leeward course with ...more
  • Hamble River SC Wednesday Night B Series Race 2

    16 Jul 2014
    Hamble River Sailing Club Wednesday Night B Series saw a classic south-westerly last night at about 10 to 15 knots despite forecasts of a dropping breeze. There was a limited range of marks with low water at 20.34 but nearly 30 boats came out to play. RO Jamie Wilkinson set up shop at Bald Head and sent the classes across to Mark, onto Coronation with loops of Cutter and Stormforce for the XODs and Class ...more
  • Hamble River SC vs Hill Head SC

    12 Jul 2014
    This annual event between the young Pico sailors at Hill Head SC and Hamble River SC was first started with the encouragement of the RYA On Board programme. This year two teams of sailors from HRSC (single and double handers) visited Hill Head on 14th June, and using the Hill Head dinghies had a series of 5 races each. The wind started off as a light northerly, which was challenging, but then built to a ...more
  • Hamble River SC Wednesday Night B Series Race 1

    9 Jul 2014
    The first race of the B Series of the ever popular Hamble River Sailing Club Wednesday night saw the return of RO Jamie Wilkinson. With no mercy to the competitors (or indeed the committee boat crew),  Jamie led the fleet out brandishing a Yankee flag for life jackets with a forecast of a north westerly with some 20 knots gusting 25. As a change of scenery the classes were sent up Southampton Water with straight ...more
  • Hamble River SC Wednesday Night Copper Kettle Pursuit

    2 Jul 2014
    Last night saw the Bottle Pursuit Race take place before the “B” Series starts next Wednesday. Hamble River Sailing Club Secretary Malcolm Donald took control as Race Officer. With a SW wind at a pleasant 8 to 10 knots the RO sent the fleet down to Royal Southern with successive windward leeward loops of hamblewinterseries.com and William with a fetch to Coronation, a beat to Stormforce and a final leg to Coronation to finish. With ...more
  • Hamble River SC Wednesday Night A Series Race 8

    25 Jun 2014
    Round the Island Winners turn out for Big Wednesday Hamble River SC came up trumps as one of the best performing clubs in the Round the Island  Race last weekend with three boats in the top overall IRC fifteen and many other members amongst the top boats. Needlework, (Peter & Ann Smith) took 5th in RTI and eschewed the Quarter Ton Cup in Cowes to join nearly forty boats for Big Wednesday. Big Wednesday was ...more
  • Hamble River SC Wednesday Night A Series Race 7

    18 Jun 2014
    A game of two halves …..?RO Kathy Smalley faced a difficult decision with wind forecasts split between SE and NW winds. With light winds forecast the decision was made to put in a number of loops on courses designed to hopefully work regardless of which breeze settled in and a start line was set just off Hamble Point. The XOD Class and Class 3 had separate starts although the same course whilst Class 2 had ...more
  • Hamble River SC Wednesday Night Series A Race 6

    11 Jun 2014
    Summer has clearly arrived and the lovely weather last night clearly tempted many folk out for racing after the black skies of last week. PRO Kathy Smalley took the committee boat out to a start line in the vicinity of Bald Head with a laid ODM. The tide was coming in all evening and a light but stable west to south westerly breeze led the PRO to get Hamble Harbour Master permission for a kite ...more
  • Hamble River SC Wednesday Night A Series Race 5

    4 Jun 2014
    Many competitors last night were expecting normal racing to be cancelled given the forecasts of 25 gusting 35 knots and heavy rain. PRO Kathy Smalley was brave enough to take a look and cast off the committee boat in a heavy storm with particularly painful hail stones! Once that deluge was through, Southampton Waters, although breezy, gave enough shelter to moderate the wind and with no wind over tide the PRO decided to proceed with ...more
  • MOB & WOW

    3 Jun 2014
    What a great evening we had on the water last night, despite the looming black clouds and the treat of rain everyone made it to land relatively dry as there were no capsises. What a great idea of Peggy’s to hold a race up to Mercury.After a frantic start and much hosting at the start line, 2 fleets set of up river. The picos left first and were followed by the lasers and double handed ...more
  • Hamble River SC Wednesday Night A Series Race 4

    28 May 2014
    The Hamble River Sailing Club committee boat motored out and for some time wondered if it would be solely an XOD start as various of that fleet appeared through the mizzle but no one else. The wind seemed fairly settled with a north westerly breeze down Southampton Waters and an incoming tide to speed up the beats. In view of the weather conditions PRO Kathy Smalley considerately opted for slightly shorter courses given the long ...more
  • Results from the HRSC heat of the RYA RIB Challenge

    25 May 2014
    Well done to everyone who competed in the HRSC RIB Championship heat today. There was keen competition out there, in both age groups. All the entrants did fantastically well, particularly those who had barely driven a rib before, hopefully now you are a little inspired to book onto one of our Power Boat courses!  Finally, a very big thank you to all the helpers, without them the heat really could not happen. Hopefully everyone enjoyed ...more
  • Hamble River SC Wednesday Night A Series Race 3

    21 May 2014
    Wednesday night sailing at the Hamble River Sailing Club continues to expand at a rate of knots with 24 boats out last night with another pleasant evening . PRO Kathy Smalley and her team set up shop to the west of Bald Head in a south easterly breeze forecast to drop slightly and back. With high water just as racing started there was a variety of marks to choose from but the heavy container traffic ...more
  • Hamble River SC Wednesday Night A Series Race 2

    15 May 2014
    Last night saw the opening race for Series A in the popular Hamble River SC Wednesday night series following cancellation due to bad weather last week. Kathy Smalley has returned as PRO for A Series and faced challenging conditions with a low Spring tide just before the start and a selection of widely varying forecasts. Having set up for the NW breeze the wind then rapidly veered to North. Sensibly deciding to set a selection ...more
  • River Hamble Combined Clubs Events 2014

    13 May 2014
  • Push The Boat Out

    9 May 2014
    Hamble River Sailing Club will be hosting an Open Day for Kids on the 17th May 2014. Children from the ages 7-14 will be welcome to come along from 2pm – 4pm, where our experienced RYA instructors will be on hand to give them a free power boating or Sailing taster session. Children will also be able to speak with highly experienced sailors from the club.To book your space email: admin@hambleriversc.org.uk or contact the office ...more
  • Hamble River SC Bottle Pursuit Race

    30 Apr 2014
    With the Early Bird series finished Hamble River Bottle Pursuit Race took place last night in champagne sailing conditions. PRO Mike Dellar and his team led 21 boats out on a beautiful evening with a SSW breeze of some 10 to 12 knots. The course was a zig-zag reach to Coronation and, appropriately, onto Reach with kites to William and hamblewinterseries.com and a beat back past Coronation to finish at Hamble Point. With low water ...more
  • Hamble River SC Wednesday Night Early Bird 4

    23 Apr 2014
    Last night saw the last race of the 2014 Early Bird Series. Despite the poor weather, a stunning 18 boats came out for what eventually turned out to be a very pleasant evening. Our PRO Trevor Pountain set up acourse with short laps between Bald Head, Mark and Hamble Point, leaving the optionto shorten the race as the breeze was predicted to die (which ended up being a popular decision later). The XOD was nothing ...more